Faith Expressed Authentically Raw.

If you want to overcome your fears you will have to use the original fear.

"The 4 Masteries of Life"

#1 - Spiritual Mastery

Your Faith.

What do you believe will happen or will not happen when you die? The foundation of your spirituality and moral conscious is the heart that pumps blood into the other masteries of your life. Without a fresh and active heart pumping into your life everything else you do will be running on “thin blood”. And like many, you won’t know your blood is thin until you get checked or start to show symptoms of weakness, illness and disease. We struggle in the area of spiritual mastery because we tend to adapt to life backwards, meaning spirituality comes later in life – after our natural growth and habits have already been planted. So spiritual life seems to always come 2nd to something else. Reverse this inborn thinking and the other masteries of your life will flourish with ease. They won’t all be “perfect” experiences, but if your spiritual mastery is set as #1, you won’t feel destroyed in the other areas of your life. When hard times, surprises and even personal struggles come, you might be shaken but you won’t be uprooted. Set your spiritual heart as priority #1. This is the foundation upon which everything of your life stands or falls. When you have established that spiritual heart is grounded in solid teaching, never compromise those morals when pressured by this world or friends. Be fearless and undaunted in your pursuit of destiny! Spiritual Mastery is all about your faith and morals.

#2 - Personal Mastery

Your Self.

Once you are well grounded in your spiritual mastery, next comes your personal mastery. This is where you learn who you have become that you are not and were not designed to be. As said before our spirituality has much come 2nd, now we need to unlearn what we have learned that is not founded in our spiritual heart. This is where you develop and practice self-discipline to adhere and align with your spiritual heart, becoming one with your faith and morals. This is where you listen to your conscious and see you face to face, naked.. all the good and all the bad and strategize to leverage all of that towards your purpose. Life is not about removing negative energies from your life or even adding positive energies to it. It is more about channelling correctly the energies you do have, so like a battery (with negative and positive energies) you can be of use to those around you and the world. It has been said that our greatest enemy is ourself. This is you where put in action, your spiritual mastery into the fight for your personal mastery. If you can win here, you can win anywhere – for every fight we fight is more a victory of self than it ever is a victory against. When you have mastered this level, your 3rd mastery journey will be less challenging and more fruitful – and most of all the challenges of the 3rd level won’t reshape your spiritual heart or personal mastery. Personal mastery is all about letting go of that which is not you, so you can be in harmony with your spiritual mastery.

#3 - Social Mastery

Your Responsibility.

Whether we like to or not, every breath, every moment we are affecting someone else’s life with our actions and our thoughts or our lack of action and lack of thoughts. No matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing, private or public, it affects someone’s life in a negative or positive way. That’s how powerful you are made and IMPORTANT you are to this world. We all are small pebbles in the grand scheme of the world and time, but the ripple affect of our pebbleness in the lake of life is great beyond what our eyes can see or we can imagine. Your private time creates the aroma of your soul and that aroma mixes with other souls when you come into contact with them. Energy is ever spreading and contagious. We have to at least aim in our private time to help create an aroma that will not stench up someone else’s aroma, because they will go to someone else spreading that foulness of smell. The ripple affect is never ending. A simple smile or wave combined with the right aroma can set someone’s day in a more positive direction returning them better results. Know the power of being and never underestimate how your private time affects your public aroma.

Our public social mastery is a tool as well. A tool that helps strengthen or weakens us, and others at the same time. It has been said that “iron sharpens iron”. It’s not actually the sharpening that is the key point of this quote. It is the sharpening for what? A purpose in mind the tools of iron have been sharpened for. For what does it profit to simply sharpen iron for no cause? It doesn’t. So when you talk to someone, fellowship with someone, love someone, show anger to someone and so on, keep in mind the purpose of your relationship with them so that you are both sharpening each in the direction of your purpose together. We get so selfish sometimes because of our under performing personal and spiritual mastery. This causes us to forget the purpose of connection and fellowship, that we start to make our social life about us alone – forgetting that social is at a minimum a two-way street. How cruel to even suggest it is all about us and our need during our social encounters. Shall we regress to being infants? No one’s purpose alone is to serve one other person – again, “iron sharpens, iron”. Public social mastery offers us something we can’t gain in our spiritual or personal mastery. It offers us an experience of different view points and cultural experiences. It challenges us on the fly to be humble, to listen, to put love and understanding first, rather than our feelings that are only focusing on ourselves. It challenges our commitment to our personal and spiritual mastery. It allows us to see how relevant and well aligned we are with our spiritual heart. It also allows us to see how healthy our spiritual roots really are. Social mastery is all about connecting with people to pull, build or lift them up in the direction of their purpose. If you can master this level, then the 4th mastery will have you in for ride! A ride of unmatched joy, pleasure and fulfillment!

#4 - Business Mastery

Your Work.

Spiritual Mastery and Personal Mastery are very much internal things. Social Mastery can be internal and external. Business Mastery is external. It is seeing and assessing the tangible results you manifest. Business Mastery is the fruit of the tree of you and how healthy your other masteries are, will determine if your fruit is edible for the world, high in sugar, mediocre or poisonous. Everyone has a business to master at some point in their life. A more general term for this is your “work”. Whether you work a 9-5 or part-time as an employee or manage employees who work those hours or volunteer or manage something else for no monetary gain, your quality of work ethic speaks volumes as to how well versed you are in the other masteries of your life. This is where you contribute to society and its ongoing growth to continue after you die. Don’t let the condemnation of the world make you minimize the impact of your life and work. If you work at low paying job, don’t under value your contribution there. While it may not be the most fulfilling to what you desire right now, still the fact remains that you are helping that business continue to SERVE others their needs for that day. Yes, there could be several who could fill in your place, but they didn’t. It was you who helped this unique one day in time, to help the world carry on in the fashion it does. NEVER under value that! Our commitment and tangible passion to our work is what helps people understand who we are, what we care about, and it helps to inspire them to do the same; to who they are and what they care about. It is our way of leading and inspiring by action. Our business mastery is how we PROVE who we are and to what level we are. Your work and work ethic will constantly allow you to see how well you have mastered all the areas of your life. Business mastery involves social mastery, which correlates to your personal mastery which is founded off of your spiritual mastery. Business mastery is about all masteries.